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Brand New 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments – Home For Tomorrow

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Melrose Park will be Sydney’s leading development to incorporate an innovative array of Smart City initiatives.

Built in from day one, the Smart City initiatives will include data collection, environmental monitoring systems and smart rainwater collection, sensor street lighting and smart Way-Finding poles helping residents navigate the precinct, with as much technology as possible powered by sustainable renewable energy sources.

Melrose Park will also be a completely WiFi enabled suburb, with hotspots, charging stations and National Broadband Network node-to-home for every residence.


Thanks to its strategic location on the Victoria Road Major Transport Corridor, Melrose Park will be extremely well-serviced by an array of existing and future public transport options.

A number of new commuter initiatives proposed by PAYCE will make Melrose Park one of the most connected and accessible spaces Sydney has to offer.

The Victoria Road Major Transport Corridor edges the northern border of Melrose Park and is already well serviced by express buses to both Parramatta CBD and Sydney CBD. More than 2,000 express buses service Melrose Park every week Buses departing every 5 minutes to either Parramatta, a 15 minutes journey or Sydney CBD, a 45 minutes journey. The NSW State Government has announced the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) initiative, which will see ever more express services departing Melrose Park over the coming years.

Wants to be part of Sydney’s future, contact us to find out more!!!


*Note – Images are computer generated. Interested parties should enquire for further details on the apartment layout and finishes.