Melrose Park – The hottest location

The Hottest Property Location in the Next Decade

Melrose Park”

It is well known that in the past 10 years, many unpopular areas have changed dramatically, such as Rhodes and Zetland, just like a pair of ugly ducklings into a pair of swans Property prices rose from $400,000 to $1.1 million+, there are a lot of investors and local buyers didn’t expected that many years ago.

With the big four developers (Mirvac, Meriton Billbergia and Multiplex) carried out a series of projects in the Rhodes and Sydney Olympics. The world’s top 500 enterprises, such as Nestle, Hewlett-Packard, Unisys Computer, NAB Bank have moved their headquarters in the area. Even the Swedish furniture giant IKEA has stationed there too.

Now the new modern city is no longer distant from travel, shopping, eat and drink, school and other thing. Lifestyle has become a major factor, more and more new generation of choice here to live and work there. Rhodes’s house prices are rising like hot cakes, and there are more plans to anticipate. As of this year, property prices have soared to a one bedroom $797,000, two bedroom $1.045 million.

History cannot be repeated, but history can be reproduced. Now there is a 10-year golden opportunities placed right in front of us, a 5000 units massive development projects. This not only will bring full potential to investor and buyers, but also bring a newest and close to perfect infrastructure.

Melrose Park

Let us introduce you to Melrose Park. Just like Rhodes this is perfect realization of your own Australian dream!

Melrose Park belongs to the Sydney’s inner west and is located within the area of Sydney’s three major development centers, Parramatta, Macquarie Park and Olympic Park. In order to increase employment opportunities and develop the economy, Parramatta government decided to re-plan Melrose Park!

Australia well-known and listed development company, Payce will lead the development and transformation of Melrose Park. With 10 years of development plan, Payce will construct public roads, power facilities and water conservancy, facilities upgrades to support the new city. There are also Central Park, shopping center; small shops, kindergartens, public facilities, schools, parks, water corridors, playgrounds, libraries, community centers, light rails, ferry, etc. as part of the development and transformation over the 34,000 square metres. This will bring at least 1500 full time job opportunity as well.

The planning of the Melrose Park area is divided into two parts, the first part called the Northern Transformation, which with cover VICTORIA ROAD, WHARF ROAD, HOPE STREET, HUGHES AVENUE.

A new central park will also be built here! The park has a large green space, water features and flowers gardens, so every time you come home, is a wind down from the hustle and bustle workday.

The most attractive about Melrose Park is it will be Sydney’s first innovated technology city. The district will have their own app, especially designed for the people who live here. From ordering taxi to buy movie tickets, from ordering food to sorting out your dry cleaning, can be easily by move your fingers with the app.


In the future, Shuttle Bus will continue to shuttle between the inside of the area and the Meadowbank train station; the Parramatta light rail will pass through the area.

4 minutes drive to Meadow Bank train station

7 minutes drive to Meadow Bank Ferry

7 minutes drive to Top Ryde Shopping Center

8 minutes drive to West Ryde marketplace

8 minutes drive to famous Chinese district of Eastwood

The real estate data showed that Melrose Park is a high demand market compare to the likes of Eastwood and Chatswood.


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