About Us

Trillions is a new age property investment firm that was founded by a team of Australian Property Market specialists.

The missions of Trillions are to provide our clients with

  • Quality property investment opportunities
  • Smooth and Easy experience and expert analysis
  • High standard of client service

In order to provide the benefits to our valuable clients, Trillions only chooses to work with reputable and trusted developers and partners.

At Trillions, the team members are all experts in the property market, so the clients can rest ashore that they will be well guided and looked after.

Contact Trillions today and let us help to make your Dream becomes Reality.



trillions brand


Story behind the Logo


The name is inspired by the book “Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology” by Peter Lucas, Joe Ballay and Mickey McManus. The book is about how we, as human are facing a future of unbound complexity. The challenges and opportunities can build an entire new industry or to ruin one. Trillions is a field guide to the future – designed to help business and their customers prepare to not only to survive, but to thrive in the information.

We want to bring the same methodology to the property market industry. At Trillions, we want our clients to have the confidence, knowledge and experience to enter the market by provide them with supports and opportunities.

The logo of Trillions is represented by the Roman numeral “M” with 3 lines on top, and it’s also in the shape of the roofs and represent the property market.